Designer has been created to strengthen concept design on water for users with varying levels of expertise. Competitively priced and developed by engineers with extensive experience in the water sector, Designer is the ideal tool for concept process design on water projects.
  • User friendly – drag & drop flow sheeting with predefined unit operations and the ability to model multiple feed streams
  • Cost effective – user can suspend and reactivate subscription at any time without losing data
  • Collaborative – choose to share designs, feed scenarios and model results with company colleagues – ideal during bid cycle design
  • Comprehensive – progressive release of up to 35 different unit operations including settling, membrane, electrolytic, resin and thermal processes, some with common vendor data
  • Cohesive – integrated material balance, equipment sizing, stream properties and speciation modelling in a single package to better understand your water chemistry and the impact of precipitation or scaling on equipment design
  • Dedicated Server – Access securely from any machine with an internet connection. No software downloads (upgrades) required
We’ve outline below some of the valuable features for different user groups:
For Consultants
  • Generate basic design information for each unit process. Configure and generate simple design reports for equipment quotation by vendors.
  • Compare concept designs more easily against a range of feed conditions. Designer will allow you to explore alternatives and provide better recommendations to your customers.
  • Integrate the results of your evaluation into your reports. Designer allows the export of flow sheets to MS Word, stream property data to MS Excel, and unit operation performance data to MS Word for easy integration into your concept design reports.
For Students
  • Learn about the fundamental processes used for water treatment operations and their key design parameters. With the help of the User Guide and pre-configured reference plants, experiment with different feed water scenarios to show the impact of scaling on unit operations.
  • Our engineers have provided typical default values to help you build out a flow sheet quickly. Red Flag warnings highlight areas that might need revising.
For Designers
  • Understand the impact of your design from a speciation chemistry perspective. Anticipate scaling and tailor your designs to improve plant life and availability.
  • Compare results from multiple membrane and resin types in a single design configuration.
For Operators
  • Model changing feed water quality and forecast operational adjustments ahead of time to save your equipment or stay compliant.
  • Trial new membranes or small project improvements for plant optimisation