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Designer is online software that cuts process plant design time by 70%.
SupplierLink is the equipment suppliers portal of AqMB Designer.
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2571 water treatment plants
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Designer - concept design, process modelling, PLM

Designer is an online, collaborative, user-friendly, comprehensive, affordable and super-fast design and simulation software that is applicable for users of all experience levels across a diverse range of industries, globally. The software provides a means to model and lock in a process design and generate all key process design deliverables in days rather than weeks. “From start to finish Designer cuts the time and cost of concept design by at least 70% and virtually eliminates transcription errors.” For domain experts, Prophet provides an available, up to date, accurate decision support tool to focus on key issues immediately and catch errors before designs are approved and locked in.

SupplierLink - lead generation, equipment pricing

SupplierLink is the equipment vendor side of the Request for Quotation (RFQ) feature of Designer software. SupplierLink is a Virtual Marketplace for the Designer, allowing vendors of water treatment equipment and components to be notified when a water treatment plant has been designed using products that they supply/manufacture. The portal allows the vendor to submit a quote and supporting documentation to the designer of the water treatment plant, whereas under conventional procurement practice, many vendors would miss out on an opportunity to quote on this project.